Other Available Opportunities

The Holy Redeemer Retreat Center also collaborates with Diocesan Groups and Organizations offering a variety of different types of spiritual experiences for groups that comes here.


Christ In Others (COR)
this 3 day retreat is for young people, providing them with an opportunity to have a personal and intimate encounter with Jesus.


Life In The Spirit
this 3 day retreat is for people, who desire a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, and to discover how the Holy Spirit can work in their lives.



Engaged Encounter ( EE )
this 3 day retreat is for couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. EE offers each couple the insight, tools, and confidence to enrich their relationship and strengthen their love for one another.


Marriage Encounter ( ME )
this 3 day retreat is for married couples. ME is a spiritual experience designed to help married couples communicate more intimately with each other in order to enrich their relationship.



Wedding & Reception Package
The all inclusive package includes:

The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage at the Retreat Center Chapel.
Use of the Conference Room
Staff prepared, reception dinner
Use of Multi-media services

The Holy Redeemer Retreat Center also welcomes all groups who seek to nourish the growth of themselves and their members. A mutual respect for all religious traditions is an essential part of our mission. Throughout the year the Retreat Center also serves as host to many secular organizations. Organizations and religious groups like: The Caribbean Council Churches, Methodist Women’s Group, The Martinique Retreat Group, The Dominica Youth Business Trust, The Caribbean Association of Catholic Teachers, The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute, Eastern Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, The Waterfront & Allied Workers Union.

The Retreat is capable of hosting conferences and workshops for a wide variety of groups and organizations.