A Spiritual Journey Sabbatical

The goal of this Spiritual Journey Sabbatical is to assist a participant in the renewal of one’s body and soul. The Spiritual Journey Sabbatical, like the retreat center, is immersed in the heart of creation. The music of creation, will lead a participant into an atmosphere of contemplation and prayer. When a person takes time to listen to creation, it teaches about the harmony and balance in life.

Our sabbatical experience focuses on participants who are at that crossroad where they are moving into a new stage of life. Moving to a new stage of life is an important time in our life. Equally important is taking the time to reflect and discern what the Lord is saying, and where he is leading.

There are sessions Monday through Friday for two hours in the morning. Participants are invited and encouraged to join in morning prayer, the celebration of the Eucharist, and daily meditation. The retreat center also offers spiritual direction for those wish to use this opportunity as part of their sabbatical experience. The afternoons and evenings are free, in order to provide participants ample time for private prayer, reading, rest, and relaxation.

The retreat center team understands that everyone needs that time and space in their life where body and soul can renew its harmony and balance. Our commitment is to provide the opportunity for you to discover how the beauty of creation helps to bring clarity to this journey.




All Creation sings praise and gives glory to God.


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